About Us

Who am I?

Hi, My name is Ludvig, I'm a student and young entrepreneur from Sweden, and as you can probably figure out, I'm the founder of Tubaro. I actually started Tubaro because of the 2020 pandemic because I saw how much businesses were struggling during that time, how hard it was to advertise since all of these small businesses had to adapt way too quickly, and how all of these smaller businesses were slowly dying out. But I saw an opportunity in that, an opportunity in social media. Specifically in social media marketing.

Of course, I didn't know what an Agency was at the time. But as I've mentioned, I did see an opportunity in social media. You see, I of course grew up with social media and was exposed to it at an early age, and because of that, I started researching. Could this be the perfect product to insure financial freedom, and help fellow entrepreneurs? Apparently, yes! At that point, I started digging deeper to learn as much as possible about this newly discovered opportunity.

About six months later, I founded Tubaro. A new way to market your product and streamline the process of acquiring leads for your business.

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